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Plasma Cutting Services

The Benefits of Plasma Cutting Services for Your Business

Plasma Cutting Services

The market for plasma cutting machines is projected to reach more than $1 billion by 2024. And the market keeps expanding year after year. According to analysts, the market will have expanded by 7% over the four years leading up to 2023. A lot of people need plasma cutting all around the world.The need for plasma cutting is still increasing for a variety of reasons. The benefits of plasma cutting are clear so if your company needs custom-cut parts, you should definitely give it some thought. We provide Plate Profile Cutting Service in Manesar, Gurugram at affordable prices.

Continue reading to find out how using a plasma cutting services might help your business.

How a Plasma Cutter Works

Utilising the fourth state of matter, a plasma cutter works.

A solid becomes a liquid if it is heated past the point of melting. You may turn the liquid into a gas by heating it even more. However, if you keep heating that gas, it will eventually transition into the fourth form of matter, plasma.

A cloud of electrons and ionised particles is left behind after heating the gas long enough to give all of the electrons the energy they need to separate from their atoms. Despite the fact that we might not realise it, we encounter plasma every day. Plasma is a substance that includes fire, and the sun is mostly made of plasma.

A spark is used to cut through a stream of high-pressure gas in a plasma cutter. As a result, the gas is heated up to 20,000 degrees, at which point it transforms into a plasma. Even heavy metal can be cut through by this plasma stream’s great velocity and extreme heat.

Great Cutting Speed

The rapidity of plasma cutting is one of its many benefits.

A plasma cutter can cut thin sheets more than ten times faster than an oxyfuel cutter. Waterjet and wire EDM cutting are almost both outpaced by plasma cutting in speed.

When cutting thin, non-reflective materials, a laser cutter may be quicker. But a plasma cutter can work almost three times as quickly with thicker materials, like 1-inch plate.

One of the fastest methods is custom plasma cutting. And the faster we can cut, the faster you can get the products.

Minimising HAZ

Any heat-based cutting service inevitably generate a heat-affected zone, or HAZ.

The effect of this HAZ depends on the material, the temperatures attained, the cutting technique itself, and other factors. From minor discoloration to corrosion or embrittlement, the effect might range widely.

Compared to plasma cutting, oxyfuel cutting generally leaves a HAZ that is up to 10 times larger, and it could require further treatment to get rid of it. Plasma cutting leaves less HAZ than the majority of other heat-based cutting techniques, whereas waterjet cutting leaves none at all.

Cutting Thicker Materials

Typically, a laser cutter can only handle materials that are 1/4 inch or thinner in thickness. Even more powerful machines normally only remove about half an inch.

Materials with a 6 inch depth can be used to create plasma cut pieces. This greatly increases the versatility of a plasma cutting services.

Higher Piercing Speed

Every cutting task starts with piercing the metal, and certain projects only require piercing—no cutting is required.

When it comes to piercing, a plasma cutting services can help you save a lot of time. More than ten times faster than an oxyfuel cutter, a plasma cutter can pierce a piece of steel that is half an inch thick. Additionally, the piercing speed is faster than a laser cutter, particularly for thicker materials.

Again, the time saved makes more custom plasma cutting to be completed in the same amount of time as opposed to other techniques.

Minimising Warping

A plasma cutter’s rapid cutting rate means that the cutting area is exposed to high heat for a lot less time.

Another beneficial effect of this is that it reduces warping. Laser and oxyfuel heat cutting slowly raise the cutting area’s temperature for a longer period of time. The chance of the material bending rises as a result.

A plasma cutting services is the best option if you want to reduce the impact of warping on your heat-cut items.

Reflective Surfaces Aren’t a Problem

Laser cutters work well in certain circumstances but issue with reflecting surfaces.

This is because the laser cutter’s beam may damage the lens and cost hundreds of rupees if it did. Therefore, metals like platinum, silver, and aluminium may not be suitable for laser cutting.

Companies that use plasma cutting don’t face these problems because the material’s reflectivity has no bearing at all. The range of parts that can be cut that use a plasma cutting service is thus widened.

No Upfront Costs

A high-quality plasma cutter might cost as much as 41,52,940 Rupees.

Then there are the power expenses for running the machine, which will take a substantial amount of electricity because it employs a high voltage arc. The price of the gas the plasma cutter uses, which varies depending on the type of gas utilised, is another consideration.

The best course of action may be to employ a custom plasma cutting service if your company cannot afford such an upfront cost or if buying a plasma cutting machine does not make financial sense for your business model.

Additionally, you can be confident that your plasma-cut parts will be expertly polished by professionals utilising the most up-to-date technology.

A Great Plasma Cutting Services Right Here in the Manesar, Gurugram

You’ve come to the right site if a plasma cutting service sounds like it would be the best option for your company.

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